Simone Berni – THE IMPRIMATUR CASE – story of an italian novel international best seller banned in italy – ePub


Imprimatur is a historical novel which takes place in Rome in the year of Our Lord 1683, in that week in September when the famous battle of Vienna takes place. In that battle, between Christian troops and the Turkish army led by Kara Mustafà, the last great Islamic military assault on Europe was checked. In 2001 Rita Monaldi and Francesco Sorti are two Rome journalists making their literary debut. The publisher Mondadori, acting together with a famous agent, acquires the manuscript and publishes it in March 2002. The book goes well and moves up the best seller lists, but at a certain point the publisher seems not to have faith in it any more. Something has happened and the book is not reprinted. Notwithstanding the internet community, which almost rises up in arms, Imprimatur disappears from the catalogues and from the usual sales channels.

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